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This Swirling Mass of Atoms. Book, video. Personal Project, 15 Jan, 2021.
This Swirling Mass of Atoms contains 112 pages of images and their metadata, unfolding the relationship between phone photography and human memories, the perception and interpretation of an image, and the boundary of individuality in a public space. The performance of stacking photos indicates the futility of an endeavour, and the burden of an onslaught of information. As a whole, this project provides a perspective for people to be aware of phone photography as a medium, and what affect it has on human affairs. Browsing digitally.

Has Man a Future?. Personal Project, 16 Jan, 2020.
Workshop Quale, Song with Paul Elliman. Some photos took in my hometown and in Beijing are printed and folded to the cranes. The lyrics are written on them. The crane is a medium of hope — an ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by the gods. Has man a future? I don't know but I hope so.

No man ever steps in the same river twice. Photography. Self-initiated Practice, 08 Jan, 2020.

Tears. Multi. Self-initiated Practice, 07 Dec, 2019.
A font shows how tears look like under a microscope. How can personal emotions be strongly understood? Express your sadness, make yourself feel better. The users can type their feelings on this website and save an image with meta-data. A creative version provides colourful editing for users.

Slime. Video. Self-initiated Practice, 27 Nov, 2019.
The demo video visualises a few sounds from the Slime, which is a kind of ASMR material. Link.

The Philosophy of Plastic Bags. Book. Personal Project, 01 Jan, 2019.
A collection of more than 100 plastic bags and zoomed visuals, and some of them are interesting and even ridiculous. Through the scanner, the plastic as a material is shown clearly on the gloss paper. Each one is treated as a visual product instead of a single-use container.

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graphic design

A Line Which Forms a Volume 4. Publication. 10 Apr, 2021.
Publication design for MA GMD 19/20, LCC, UAL. Walking around the topic of decolonisation in design, ALWFAV 4 takes the colour green as a metaphor of ‘access’, which alludes to an unrestricted and flexible imagination of what the boundary of design could be and how we can make these borders accessible. The fourth issue applies the concept of dotted lines as its key visual element and metaphorical figure to interact with the contents within the publication. These dotted lines correspond to the form of borders on the map, imagining the publication space as an embodied territory resisting the design canon. Collaborative project.

from HERE to WHERE. Identity. 8 Feb, 2021.
Visual identity for MA GMD 19/20, LCC, UAL. With the concept of working remotely, Google Map is used as a tool to map the participant’ research and to find out new ways of showing works digitally during this challenging global crisis. The show is named from HERE to WHERE. It invites the viewer to explore key locations and a video trailer through a unique line for each person. By applying classical elements from Google Map, the colour is set as blue and the font Roboto. Collaborative project. Art direction: Zhu Yiting. Link.

Dschool.sjtu Graduation Exhibition. Identity. 12 Jun, 2019.
Design + Future is the theme of the 2019 Graduation Exhibition of the Design School of SJTU. Inspired by the background of SJTU as a science and engineering university, a series of mathematical formulas are used to “calculate” the unknown future. Collaborative project. Art direction: Lin Tao.

Soul Rocker. Identity. 27 Mar, 2019.
Visual identity for the music festival held by SJTU Band Union. It is centred around a doodle of a dinosaur, and the font is designed due to this feeling. Additional to the black colour, two bright ones are applied to cheer the whole atmosphere up. 

The Patterns of Parrots. Book. Self-initiated Practice, 23 Dec, 2018.
Basic practices on colors and visual effects. The pages can be unfolded to show the patterns of each parrot.

Scanned Pictures. Book. Self-initiated Practice, 22 Dec, 2018. An experimental project that combines scanning — as a creative method, and the Chinese Typeface from the 19th century. The images are printed on the invoice paper in particular colors by an impact printer.

Route One. Record/Book. Self-initiated Practice, 14 Dec, 2018.
Sigur Rós made this record during a 24-hour live; they drove around the Route One in Iceland and captured its mystery and ethereal senses. The album is composed of eight tracks named by coordinates.

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