A Line Which Forms a Volume 4. Publication. 10 Apr, 2021.
Publication design for MA GMD 19/20, LCC, UAL. Walking around the topic of decolonisation in design, ALWFAV 4 takes the colour green as a metaphor of ‘access’, which alludes to an unrestricted and flexible imagination of what the boundary of design could be and how we can make these borders accessible. The fourth issue applies the concept of dotted lines as its key visual element and metaphorical figure to interact with the contents within the publication. These dotted lines correspond to the form of borders on the map, imagining the publication space as an embodied territory resisting the design canon.

The art direction and typesetting of the publication responds to the three thematic approaches, move, cross and tilt, enriching the relative position between body text, footnotes and images. In the move section, all contents compose a fluid, moving stream. Images and footnotes are being pushed forward by justified columns; In the cross section, the left-aligned texts and inserted footnotes form an interleaved visual, emphasising a dynamic sense of crossing; In the tilt section, footnotes and captions are rotated to alter the original axis of reading direction.

Within an open space for different voices, the setting of columns, images and the direction of footnotes and captions are altered respectively due to their axis. The statement and index are extended to the cover, rendering the content of the publication transparent. (Text sourced from: magmd.uk)