Content Studio is an interactive program, where consumers can have an immersive photo-shooting experience. Users are invited to select one filter among three and to create expressive content with their favorite outfits, postures, and backdrops. The UGC is downloadable and shareable through the WeChat Mini-Program.
Content Studio, Interactive Program, 2022
⇨ User Interface, User Experience, Art Direction, Motion Design

Following the art direction of Nike Style, we applied the key visual elements such as volt green and pixel cutouts, as well as the dynamic motion effect to the user interface.

As a destination combined with the fitting room, Content Studio encourages consumers to try on different outfits and take customized UGC with specific filters.

The user interface and infographic provide a clear and coherent user journey, while the seasonal mode allows both the consumer and brand sides to have refreshed content. Consumers tend to come back to try the latest filter and do shopping in the store.

Nike Creative Team
Director: Rosa Huang
Designer: Yiting Zhu
External Development: NOWHERE

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