The UAL MA GMD SHOW 2021 was launched under the theme of from HERE to WHERE. With the concept of working remotely, Google Map is used as a tool to map the participants’ research and to find out new ways of showing works digitally during this global crisis. The show invites the viewer to explore different projects through a unique line for each person.
from HERE to WHERE, Online Exhibition, 2021
⇨ Creative Strategy, Visual Identity, Website Design (UX/UI), Instagram Strategy, Motion Design

Inspired by the visual language of Google Maps, relevant color, font, and typography is used to create an immersive experience.

Collaborated with the programmer, we created a user journey, that allows the viewer to click either the round points on the map or the button in the side-list. The selected line will lead the viewer to each participant's research process.

Developing an entire online show design from 0 to 1, with working remotely. Curation for works from 40+ participants and providing a unified visual system.

Tutor: Sophie Demay, Paul Bailey and Tony Credland
Designer: Yiting Zhu, Yihan Wu
Developer: Oliver Smith
Assistant: Qi Yao, Rita Buica

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