Through a creative filter in kids' vision, the elevation of Nike Kids stores in GC aims to build a dynamic and playful retail experience for consumers. We combined imagination with various sports and created specific illustration icons for the store. My work here covers multiple mediums and deliverables.
Nike Kids GC, Retail Experience, 2023
⇨ Visual Identity, Creative Strategy, Motion Design,  Editorial Design, Graphic Design
To inspire kids on sports with an intriguing retail experience, we designed a pack of illustrated icons to represent different fields of sports. Kids could get stickers of icons as a reward once they try on any product. This soon became the most popular in-store experience and is widely applied to the Kids' zone in Nike Rise.
Taking the branding and the harmony with seasonal campaigns into consideration, the palette is colorful but not high-saturated, the shape is playful but still could be recognized, the stroke style is a bit rough but not very artistic, and the swoosh is combined well with all the icons.

I was responsible for the art direction and part of the illustration creation for these icons, as well as the layout design for an in-store communication board that provided clear guidance for the consumers.
Based on the sports grid from Nike Rise, we added two other colors and dynamism motion to the visual identity of Nike Kids GC. I did the storyboard and motion design for the teaser video, as well as the digital OOH.
As part of the opening campaign, for the editorial post, I integrated the illustrated icons into the layout and designed an interactive experience that encourages the user to click and find out more about each retail highlight we wanna emphasize.

Nike Director: Rosa Huang
Nike Designer: Yiting Zhu

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