Nike Rise is a retail concept for the city, that inspires customers to be engaged with sports through in-store storytelling and the connection of local communities. To show the energy of sports, the visual center of Nike Rise is deeply inspired by the sports grid, which is integrated into environmental, digital, and analog graphics.

As the key touchpoint that combines digital and physical space, the massive screens dynamically showcase seasonal campaigns and city stories, echoing in-store merchandising. 
Rise Guangzhou, In-store Digital Touchpoints, 2023
⇨ Visual Design, Motion Design, Retail Experience, Visual Guidance

From late 2023, the digital content in Rise Guangzhou is mainly powered by Nike’s Sport Pulse system, and I led the art direction and visual guidance for the localization in the GC marketplace.

For digital content that wasn’t created by Sport Pulse, such as the service menu and digital OOH, I was responsible for creating storyboards, motion design, and production for them.

Nike Creative Team
Director: Rosa Huang
Designer: Yiting Zhu

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