The book contains 112 pages of images and their metadata, unfolding the relationship between phone photography and human memories, the perception and interpretation of an image, and the boundary of individuality in a public space. The performance of stacking photos indicates the futility of an endeavour, and the burden of an onslaught of information. As a whole, this project provides a perspective for people to be aware of phone photography as a medium, and what affect it has on human affairs.
This Swirling Mass of Atoms, Research Project, 2021
⇨ Book Design, Performance, Film

• Featured in the Graduate Showcase Collection: Everything & Anything, Curated By Domenic Lippa
• 2021 TOP 100 Graduates, Design 360
• Merit Award, The 22nd Platinum Originality Competition, 2021
• Nomination, KAN TAI-KEUNG Design Award 2021

Tutor: Charlotte-Maëva Perret

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