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A personal profile designed with Notes, an anti-design design practice 📝

Personal Profile explores the emoji as a kind of visual language and questions how can designers use non-professional software such as the Notes in App Store, to implement the anti-design design.
17 Jul, 2021

Visual collections during lunch break 👀

Some interesting visuals found in Shanghai Longtang.
04 Sep, 2021

Create Outlines: Language as graphics 💭

The workshop collected participants’ graphical work created with another language besides theirs, and the typeface used here is extracted by chinese characters.
Oct, 2020

The Year of the Rat 🧀

There is a myth called Nevu-le (吐宝鼠) that needs to be enshrined with the cheese and can bless you to be money plentiful. The gesture looks like giving the plate to a lower place, actually, it is raising up the hands to worship, the rats always stay in a totally different position today.
31 Dec, 2019