Vinyl record re-design, Route One, Sigur Rós, 14 Dec, 2018

Sigur Rós made this record during a 24-hour live on Youtube, they drove around the Route One in Iceland and captured its mystery and ethereal senses. The album is composed of eight tracks named by coordinates. Based on my understanding of this album, I searched eight locations on Google map and saved the Satellite images and photos. The cover is printed with UV & white ink.

Sigur Rós 通过一场围绕 “一号公路” 进行的24小时直播进行了此专辑的创作,捕捉了冰岛的神秘和空灵感。专辑由8首以坐标命名的歌曲组成,基于对整个专辑的理解,我在谷歌地图上搜索了这八个地点并截取实景图及卫星图,通过黑白处理展现冰岛的面貌。封面白墨UV打印。

GUANG Yu Jury Award (Package-Student) - Hiiibrands Awards 2019